Personal Finance Tip: 9 Money Truths I Wish I Knew Sooner | The Financial Diet

Personal Finance Tip: 9 Money Truths I Wish I Knew Sooner | The Financial Diet

Great Advice:9 Money Truths I Wish I Knew Sooner | The Financial Diet

Chelsea breaks down the simple truths about finances and how to save money that no one teaches you when you’re just starting out. Find more great tips at

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26 Replies to “Personal Finance Tip: 9 Money Truths I Wish I Knew Sooner | The Financial Diet”

  1. I will be 52 tomorrow. Other than college loans, I have never had debt or a credit card. I paid cash for cars and my house (yes, 300k$). I budget, spend with cash and debit cards. No I am not a high earner, but I am a high saver: I have always paid rent (when I had it), utilities, transport and grocery budget first, paid heavily into savings and then lived off of less than what was left. And yes, I had times when spaghetti and ramen were a staple, meat and wine a true luxury. Life happens. But delayed gratification is one key to happiness and that applies to many areas of life. Learn to tell yourself „no“ – and to accept it – so you can tell yourself „yes“ with no regrets!

  2. I think I understand now why credit cards are much more common in the US than in Europe; at least in the country where I live in, the vast majority of people get paid monthly, so the idea of "not spending more than you can earn back within the month" doesn't really make sense here.

  3. Do you have any knowledge or videos with tips for American's living abroad? My husband and I currently work outside of the US and would like to invest but run into problems with paper work…

  4. On the topic of it being easier to get reimbursed on fraud charges with credit cards vs. chequing accounts: Someone once took $4000 from my savings account by depositing two cheques with my saving's account number on them. The name and signature on these cheques wasn't mine, and my bank doesn't even give out cheques for savings accounts (luckily, when cheques are deposited, they show a picture of them to me, so I was able to prove to my bank it was fraud). I was terrified. I didn't even have any money in that savings account so I was suddenly $4000 in the negatives.

  5. Whats that thing about Americans and their credit cards? Here in Germany, only few people own credit cards which are connected to their bank account. I own one only for travelling.

  6. its me again, nice pillows behind you (i love navy) and interesting how you sound as intelligent as you are!..I wish I had more intelligence..I try but its OK.
    I drive a 2003 nice car…I REFUSE to buy new…today; 2018, it cost me $960 a year TO OWN MY CAR…that's my insurance which covers my daughter and most important like a AAA deal….but if I never drove the car out of the drive way…its still $960 a yr..if I use it; there's gas, oil and coolant……so what's important? a new car to "look at me" ego trips or a used car with no payments! YES A DEBIT CARD SCAM DOES HAPPEN but here's how I dealt with it. 3 times, a dishonest person tried to use my debit card back east…I live in California…my Bank fixed it fast but that's only because I have never kept $ in the bank….It goes in, I pay my few low bills and take it all out…….so its always super low and the bank can see it…that's my semi proof that I wouldn't buy a hotel in Michigan on a trip knowing I have $20 in the bank……..nor would I have enough to buy a ticket..I keep my $ OUT OF MY BANK

  7. I've been wanting to switch to public transit, because Salt Lake has great infrastructure…but I hadn't sat down to map it out until now. At a minimum I would save $20 a month on transportation—but with the local city resident discount, it drops it even lower, so I save $50+ a month! Plus, I get a nice little walk in the fresh air in the morning. I love these videos <3

  8. Hey TFD!
    I'm not sure if you're open to this idea, but I'm wondering if you would consider doing a segment on upping your LinkedIn profile for those who are looking for the appropriate career/ how to market yourself and landing a job that is reflective of your skill set. Maybe how to describe yourself in your headline so you can be approached by recruiters.  It's not a traditional "financial" topic, but I think landing the right job is imperative to well being and leading a financially stable life. 

  9. Hi Chelsea: I am enjoying your videos and see that you are primarily gearing them towards young women. I have also shared your ideas with my 20 something sons. Great work, very valuable.

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