Great advice: Leg Cramps at Night (Nocturnal Cramps)?

Great advice: Leg Cramps at Night (Nocturnal Cramps)?

Great Tip: Leg Cramps at Night (Nocturnal Cramps)?

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Dr. Berg talks about the different reasons why you have leg cramps at night (Nocturnal Cramps). Potassium and Magnesium are two top common minerals involved with leg cramping because these minerals are needed to relax the muscles.

1. Low Potassium – Potassium is intimately involved in the contraction and relaxation of the muscles.
2. Low Sodium
3. Low Magnesium
4. Low Calcium
5. Blood pH Too Alkaline – The minerals couldn’t be transported into the muscles and could cause tetany, spasm, cramping and all sorts of muscle and nerve problem.
6. Vitamin E Deficiency – Vitamin E is involved in oxygen carrying capacity in the muscle and is also involved in the storage of glycogen.

Vitamin E Deficiency Symptoms
• Restless legs
• Cramping at night
• Nocturnal Cramps
• High Glycogen Storage

Important Things to Remember when Taking Vitamin E:
• Make sure it is not synthetic. It must be from food concentrate.
• Take it in an empty stomach – 15 minutes before you eat.

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, 52 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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37 Replies to “Great advice: Leg Cramps at Night (Nocturnal Cramps)?”

  1. Hi Dr Berg,
    Since being on keto diet mid January I have been eating 7 cups of salad, I take your electrolytes at least twice a day with 1/8th tsp of salt, salt my food and eat a lot of goat cheese, heavy whipping cream in coffee. Plus I take another mag and pot supplement at night before bed and am still getting terrible leg cramps. What should I do? Thanks

  2. It appears as though almonds are one of the very best sources of vitamin E. I've been eating them for months on end, and had been shying away from them because of the carbs (3 net.) I think I'm going to have have 1/4 cup a day again to supplement my vitamin E (restless leg.) Some potassium there, too. I'm not sure if peripheral neuropathy can have restless leg type symptoms. RL seems to be the last thing I experience since increasing my nutrition for night cramps in all the other ways. I want to be conservative about taking fat soluble supplements, though.

  3. The only thing that 90 percent stopped my chronic early morning leg cramps was drinking a 25 oz bottle of Gerolsteiner mineral water everyday. I took chelated magnesium for 15 years and it made no difference at all….The colloidal minerals in mineral water are most likely easier to absorb and are in a natural "mineral complex"…….

  4. I just want to point out two other methods of combating this issue. 1) Hydration – drink more water. It's easy to become dehydrated overnight for some people. 2) Fat intake. Increasing your fat intake helps the body preserve fluids.


    Dear, Dr Berg. Thank you so much for this channel.

    I learned about keto diet about a month ago and immediately began to try. My weight is 115 lbs with height 5,55 ft. I have never suffered from overweight, the purpose of the beginning of keto was the desire to improve the state of my nervous system. All the reviews I found on the Internet said that you feel calmer on keto, your thoughts become clearer, you sleep better, you are less nervous. And it is true! But no one talks about health hazards!

    So, I immediately decided to try, because the state was close to neurosis. I subscribe to your channel and to many channels of other keto channels. They all talk only about the benefits of keto diet, but no one says the side effects. The only thing you’re saying was to eat a lot of green vegetables so that there are no health problems. I honestly did everything … I eliminated all carbohydrates: sugar, cereals, fruits, started very sharply, immediately began to load myself with oils: butter, sunflower , olive, flaxseed plus fatty foods. I ate a lot of Chinese cabbage, drank cocoa / tea with butter, ate red fish, cod liver, avocado, fatty cheeses. I bought vitamins: calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, Omega 3-6-9, vitamin D3, folic acid, Spirulina – I tried as best I could. After 3 days, I started keto flu. It did not scare me, I was ready for it.

    At the same time I lost 8 lbs in 4 days! This is even too much. Maybe because I immediately eliminated all carbohydrates?

    On the fourth day, keto flu was almost gone, weakness passed, energy appeared, it became much better. BUT OTHER HEALTH PROBLEMS BEGAN: I always had a sand in my kidneys, apparently because all the water had been washed, the sand began to form into stones and my kidneys started to hurt (pull) and now they are still pulling, but I haven't been keto for 3 weeks already! The thyroid gland has increased (for the first time in my life) such a feeling was that I had a collar on the inside. The pancreas began to hurt, I felt the liver gall … I tolerated everything (because I began to feel much better in terms of nerves, I became calmer, the skin also improved a lot). After my thyroid gland had grown on the 4th day, I was still eating fats for 2 days, and then I quit Keto. It was in early January. Thyroid came back to normal after a few days.

    In one video you say that the thyroid gland is enlarged because of liver problems. But you don’t say what to do with it. Yes, I understand that the liver can suffer from fat, and it is a big burden, but what can be done about it? At 5 years old, I had Botkin's disease, so for my liver is even more difficult.

    At the same time, I really liked the state I was in when I was at keto. I really became much calmer, my thoughts cleared, my skin became smooth and silky, acne went away. The whole body seemed to feel better, even my chronic antritis almost disappeared …

    Maybe you can tell me how to start keto as safely as possible. Thank you again!

    And yes, I almost forgot. I used keto + interval fasting. I was eating 3, 2, even 1 time per day. The intervals between meals were 18, 20 and even 24 hours.

  6. Hi Dr. Berg, would you be kind enough to address the Budwig Protocol (cottage cheese/flax oil emulsion) with regard to the keto diet? Also can you discuss flax seed oil in general as a source of omega-3's? Thanks much!

  7. It’s 1-23-19 0753 and Dr Berg hasn’t posted his daily videos yet! I hope y’all are ok and that YouTube isn’t messing with us

  8. I see that you are doing a call in on Friday but I can’t call in because I am at work during that time, but I will go back and watch it. I don’t have leg cramps, but I just started and there are so many videos and it is hard to know everything to do, but I wanted to check in to see if you would please answer one question…since starting almost 3 weeks ago, I have noticed my feet and ankles swelling. I have been working out every day since I started, but I can figure out why this would be happening. I incorporated apple cider vinegar mixed with lemon juice (organic) and cranberry (just cranberry not sugar) every morning. Do you have anything else that I can try? I will start taking my supplements today and maybe that will help as well (vit D and B) please help me try anything to help. Thank you very much for what you do!

  9. I was having horrendous leg cramps in my hamstrings right before being diagnosed with Severe Fatty Liver. I was consuming sufficient nutrients. Further examination revealed Hemochromatosis, & it was particularly affecting my liver. My abdomen had bloated to 60”! I went on Keto & have lost 55lbs since September. My abdomen has come down considerably. I no longer have leg cramps or night sweats. I’m receiving weekly phlebotomy treatments. I still have a long way to go, but I feel much better. Thanks Dr.Berg for your guidance.

  10. EVERY DAY I have this problem can't able to bare the pain it last for atleast 10 to 15 min .. So with all these deficiency v might have leg cramps doctor ?? After pregnancy I got more suffer with this leg cramp can u say how can i over come with this problem..

  11. Good day doctor . I have condition of sticky stool on toilit .its very disturbing . It never flush . And i always remove it with my own . Some said its fatty stool condition . I dont know for sure

  12. I'm relieved to see that Dr. Berg isn't one of those experts who emphasise excessively on "acidic body/blood". It's almost become a buzz word, with people attributing every damn problem to this. Even Ayurveda talks about conditions wherein the body is too alkaline. When I had gastritis and GERD, the doctor diagnosed low stomach acid as being the main driver. When I see modern health gurus trying to boost this concept of "eat alkaline", it comes across as very simplistic and misinformed. Yes, an acidic state can trigger many illnesses, but so can the opposite.

  13. I used to have this, years back when I was younger. I thought it's just the wheather was too cold or I was just too tired from the activity on that day. Crazy to think that I'm getting older but healthier and in better shape than I had ever been!

  14. Someone please help. Been doing IF for a month. Lost 3kg and am stuck now with no weight loss and gained back 0.5-1kg even though I did a 48 hours fast to try and break the plateau :((( please help, so demoralizing 🙁 thank u

  15. hey i wanted to ask is is there any good way to incress my low metabolism., i always had this (along fixing )with a low thyroid (0.9 low enough keeping me from being odly diabetic )

  16. Sooo, what does it mean when I get cramps in just the thighs? And by the way, I only get leg cramps when I stop sleeping in the fetus position and stretch my legs out.

  17. I get frequent leg cramps at night. I usually jump out of bed in pain and grab a water bottle. I try to make sure I get enough sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium plus drinking a decent amount of water during the day. I will have to look into taking vitamin C supplements.

  18. I live in Australia, been Keto for over a year and a half. I only get cramping in the hot hot summer here, and have found that despite salting all my food, the only thing that stops my night leg cramps, is taking a salt pill before bed. Is it ok to take salt pills? Are they healthy?

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